Artist: Kou Mukami (CV: Ryohei Kimura)
Track: "Devil's Spire!!!!"
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It’s a quiet evening at the mansion. As usual, the Sakamakis’ esteemed father is nowhere to be found. While the eldest is being tutored and cosseted, it falls to Reiji to keep an eye on the household. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is how the saying goes, yet where is the…

Diabolik Lovers Versus II Vol V: Ruki vs. Kou SS (電撃Girl’s Style Sept. 2014)


This is the SS that was featured in the September issue of Dengeki Girl’s style. A general reminder that this translation may have some grammatical errors, so please let me know if you do spot some so I can fix it.

Note: This scene is an excerpt of the final track from the versus CD


~The Sins Carved within the Brothers~

In a mysterious castle that stands on top of a waterfall, lies a room called Eden. I’m sandwiched between Ruki-kun and Kou-kun, unable to move a muscle. Though this was a very funny situation, I took this to be strangely natural.

For sure, Ruki-kun and Kou-kun do respect each other, as with a well-kept relationship does, yet I myself know very well that even with effort, they are not going to resolve things like this.

"-Indeed. Even so, if that person says he’s going to punish us, when that time comes…….for us, to keep continuing to live, isn’t that a sin?"

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